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Tomato, tomato

This book was created by Farmer Girl Eb, of Pittsburgh, PA, with a group of toddlers at A Peace of Mind Learning Center located in Wilkinsburg, PA. The ages of the toddlers ranged from one
to five years. All of the words and chants such as “WATER..WATER..WATER,” are exactly what
was said among the youth as we watered our tomato plants and learned together. All of the
pictures of the characters are based off the true toddlers of the learning center. This book is for
the young learners from ages one to seven years old. It’s teaches the basic process of how a
tomato plant grows. The story is filled with lots of colors, rhyming words, and repetition that
will help the young learner remember the elements that helps a tomato plant grow.

The official launch date of Tomato, Tomato is April 20, 2023. 

All preorders will be shipped or can be scheduled for pick up on or after April 20, 2023. 

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